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Wide Rosella Dark Cane Bangle by Splendette

Wide Rosella Dark Cane Bangle by Splendette

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Joining Team Red, Rosella is gorgeous, rich shade, which is so versatile for stacking whether you are going for a tropical look or a rockabilly vibe. There are three cane variations to choose from in this collection. We think they all look incredible, and honestly cannot choose which is our favourite!

Red always pairs well with black fakelite, and we particularly love Rosella with our Leopard Print bangles.

This is our Classic size bangle, measuring approximately 6.5cm in diameter. The Wide Rosella Cane Bangle is also available in the smaller Maiden size as well as the Duchess size.

Please note, all our items are hand made so while we make them as similar we possibly can, there may be a little bit of variation from the image.

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