The Knock Out Knickerbockers in Brown Salt and Pepper by Emmy

  • $148.75

You’ll be a real knockout in our flattering knickerbockers! Material: Brown salt & pepper weave. 38 % acrylic, 32 % virgin wool, 12 % silk, 12 % polyester, 5 % viscose, 1 % spandex. Woven in Bulgaria.

The pants have zipper and button openings in each side of the waistband, but you only really need to open one side in order to get in and out of the pants. Practically situated at the front you’ll find two fully functioning slanted pockets which are closed securely with a button. The legs are cuffed right below the knees and each cuff has buttons for you to tighten as you please. The cuffs are made large enough for you to slip your foot through without unbuttoning, yet small enough to keep cold air from seeping in while also creating the right puffiness. Buttons on the inside of the waistband means that you can choose to wear them with our suspenders! The waist measurement is easily altered if needed as the pants have a center back seam that can easily be taken out up to 4 cm (1,5").