Leopard Print Rollasole Flat Shoes

  • $20.00

Make your morning commute more wild in these leopard prints. Used sparingly, a touch of leopard print makes any toned down look come alive. Cool with jeans and leggings, sharp with a suit, spots add a touch of glam to almost any outfit. Isn’t it time you listened to your animal instinct and tucked a pair of Leopard Print Rollasoles in your bag. They’ll make you the coolest cat around.

Rollasole is the original compact footwear brand, born after founder Matt Horan wanted to find a solution to his girlfriends stiletto sore feet. Rollasole is now stocked in stores across the world with its wide range of patented designs and styles to suit any occasion or event.

Whether its for women commuting, driving, dancing or getting married, Rollasole has the perfect design to keep in your handbag and break out when your heels become too much.

What makes Rollasole unique is that each pair of our shoes rolls or folds up to be super compact! Every pair comes with its own high heel carry bag so you can easily store those stilettos to get you home safely.