The Fair-est Cardigan by Emmy Sweden

  • $168.75

Our Fair-est Cardigan really is the fairest of them all - and you seem to agree as they sold out way too fast last time around! The cardigan is knit in a lightweight yarn but the all over Fair Isle knit makes it far more dense and warm than the look may suggest. Manufactured in: China. Material: Warm and super-soft wool yarn in the color combo: navy, aubergine, sky blue, gray, black and oat. 100 % extrafine merino wool (mulesing free). Origin of material: Australia.

This timeless cardigan has the same short waist and overall appearance as our signature cardigans, making it the ultimate companion for dresses and for high waist skirts and pants! Wear the cardigan as a mid-layer under a solid color cardigan for ultimate warmth on a really cold Winter day or just with a floral vintage dress in mild Autumn weather.

The color combinations are carefully planned to give a classic and cozy look that is calm to the eye yet with a feminine and playful twist. Great thought is also given to the wearability of the colors and the possibilities of matching with your wardrobe essentials. - No one likes yet another pretty garment that gets stuck in the back of the closet because it’s impossible to match!

The material used for this garment is used for most our knits, both in Winter and Summertime. The yarn is in 100 % merino wool in the highest possible quality.

Wool's inherent breathability and moisture-wicking properties help regulate body temperature, keeping you cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. The breathability of wool doesn’t feel clammy when you sweat and prevents you from overheating.

Wool also stays fresh long, cutting down on washes. Let it air out between wears and when it eventually needs washing just follow the advice on the care label to use mild wool detergent and machine wash it at wool settings or by hand.

Wool is infamously itchy, but we use only the softest fibers and the softness is even further enhanced by a softening treatment. As a new customer, you will get pleasantly surprised by the extreme softness of our knitwear.

Furthermore, wool is very durable and will last a lifetime if cared for properly. In other words, investing in an emmy garment in pure wool is money well spent!